Monday, February 28, 2011

Headliner done

Well I decided to go ahead and try to put the headliner material on by myself. I practiced with the sunroof cover first. It was pretty easy. Made a few mistakes, such as getting a little glue on the headliner, but it went on without too much trouble. I did find it puzzling that razor blades don't last long cutting the headliner material. So on to the headliner itself. It was relatively easy. The E36 headliner has a big section behind the sunroof that is about half the headliner. It also has less contours so I started with that. Sprayed the glue on the headliner, then folded the material in half so that I could spray the glue on the bottom without getting any on the top of the material. Once sprayed it was a matter of simply laying the material over the glue and applying pressure. After that half was done, I folded it back over and did the front half. It is a little more difficult due to the contours and the big hole where the sunroof cutout is, but it was pretty straightforward. After glueing it's a matter of trimming the material and cutting out the holes.

All in all it turned out pretty well. Looks quite professional.

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